St Teath Parish Council Committees

The Advisory Committees are self-regulating but governed by the Parish Council.  The Chairman and / or Vice Chairman can attend any Advisory Community Meeting. The duties of the Advisory Committees are as follows:

Finance Committee –to advise on all employment, contracts, budgets, precepts and financial matters relating to the Council; (non councillors are not permitted on this committee)

Open Spaces Committee – to advise on alterations and projects within the parks and other open spaces in the parish.

Planning Committee - to consider applications and carry out site visits as required.

Communications and Publicity Committee – to plan, advise and carry out consultations and surveys of the parishioners and to publish publicity, virtual, social media and physical.

Finance and Staffing Committee

Cllr Tracey Kingdon

Agenda and Minutes of Committee Meetings

Open Spaces Committee

Cllr Will Kitto (Committee Chair)
Cllr Mrs Tanya Banks

Agenda and Minutes of Committee Meetings

Planning Committee

Communications and Publicity Committee

Cllr Mrs Tanya Banks